"Survive with Cyber Savvy."

Andy Champion



Denver and nearby Tuxdeks City form the stronghold for the Manabone brothers. The world's areas where civilization survived Global Warming and Nuclear Winters was centeralize in the Americas at Denver or central Europe. Much of America was divided by a wide expance of water that extended up what was the Mississippi River, now known as the Mississippi Gulf. The Federation was housed deep in a bunker in the Swiss Alps and had a firm grip on the European theater.


Two centers compete for world dominance. The major player and controller of all things was centered in Austria under the command of one General Hapsburg Steiger. His Federation had a strangle hold all the major population centers around the globe. He divided territories using laser fences. Everyone had to have a lineage to be part of the society or end up in a no-man area behind a laser fence. All was going well until a determined set of brothers challenged the empire and started a cyber war. The story is how a small group of video gamers took a side to save the world from bondage.



Andy Champion - worked in the Federation Records Center. He was also an avid computer gamer. His gamer group, the Cyber Voyagers, found themselves in the center of the action when a cyber war broke out, caused by the odd Manabone family. The trouble started when he came across records in the computer system that had been orphaned, or records not seen by the computer's directory, and therefore secret to the outside. The next visit he got locked out, but Andy was clever to think that there was still one remaining vault that contained paper records that could be used to unravel the orphan records, if he could get there.

He went to Truxdeck City to see if the vault was still there. This is where he met Mark2 of Devet, a clone that had incredible talent for survival. The timing was bad. The two got trapped inside a dying city.


Sandra Veebach - worked as a programmer in the Records Center and had a talent for writing computer games the Voyages played. Andy and Sandra shared a passion for all things technical. She was distraught over Andy's disappearance and decided to find him when she was abducted by Federation troopers. Then she encountered the Brethren. Cedric3 of Stanleyhouse saved her from the abusive practices of the Federation for those that had lost their lineage, the one characteristic that the system measured loyalty by.

Sandra's programming skills became critical to aide Andy and Mark2 to keep the cyber war from becoming all consuming. Danger was behind every keyboard enter. Survival demanded perfect code.


Mark2 of Devet - a clone who was created as an power engineer, destined to lead the clones in supporting the effort to overthrow the Federation's grip on people's lives. He had a deep philosophy of right and wrong. He seemed to have spirit that carried him through the toughest of times. Mark2 had foresight, and courage that inspired those that had become complacent in a world that was not what it seemed. It was too easy just to let the Federation do everything for you, and too late when you discovered that their motives were not in your best interests.

Destiny guided Mark2 to accomplish amazing feats against all odds.


Hannibal Manabone - was a man bent on revenge for the way the Federation isolated his family in a no-man's zone and tried to starve them out. His determination and savvy technical staff created the only device capable of thwarting off the oppression of the Steiger Empire, a better computer called Black Panther. His center of operation was the abandon old city of Truxdeck, ironically a book making center that became obsolete as the digital world consumed it. He and his brother formed a group called Tri-ops to gather the experts needed to break out of the stranglehold of a no-man's zone. They devised a devious plan to store computer viruses in the Denver Center, hidden in orphan records, to become active when the time was right. That time had come, triggered by Andy's snooping in the old vault.

The Black Panther was invoked and the great cyber war begun.


Bono Manabone - Hannibal's brother and chief get-it-done man. Together they kept Truxdeck City alive and pulled off the cleverest scheme anyone could have imagined to survive Steiger domination. The brothers played one group off on the other until alliances could be secured. In Bono's clumsy manner, he still managed to carry out his brother's wishes and when the chips were down, he found the courage to succeed. Doubt came swiftly when the Cyber Voyages came into view, totally unexpected and accounted for. Now, the stakes had changed and the new challenges to their carefully laid plans was in jeopardy.

Life on the edge was not a choice, it was what life threw at you. Adapt or die.


Gunter Habsburg Steiger - was a man of devious lineage that became the supreme leader of the Euro Economic Sector by leading the construction of the world-wide Instanet network, run by the most powerful machine ever devised named Einsilganger or lone wolf or simply called the Computer by the rest of the world. His desire to maximize control and minimize opposition led to a policy laced with fault that soon became cracks. The boundaries were becoming to constraining, people were not going to remain orderly. But his power was great and to stop his plan could only happen by the odd chance that his true identity be found out.

The Steiger Empire was standing on the shaky ground of questionable lineage.


Field Marshal Augenblick - General Steiger's brightest star that had a plan to tame the Americas. His brass ambition took him the to west, where he launched and all out attack on each sector. His Federation troopers fell in line and gave the Denver Defense System a run for their money. Each step of the way was carefully planned out. Each execution caused more problems to combat. It seemed that for each battle won, the war was closer to being lost. This infuriated the proud Teutonic knight into taking some very risky chances.

The success of the Empire depended on the soldiering skill of this savvy leader. His demise was in the hands of fate.