Make history

stand up and deliver



1560s in middle England, a time and place of beauty and intrigue. Also, the rugged lands of Scotland, the Firth of Fouth and all the castles and dungeon in between. The tranquill and exciting hunting lodge for Scot royalty since 950 - Traquair House.


A knight is dispatched from the heavens to correct history. He has a short timeline to accomplish his mission, which is to ensure Mary Queen of Scot's son becomes the heir to the British throne, since Elizabeth I did not marry or have siblings. Danger is present each and every hour as our hero tries to bribe bishops, organize a small band of trusted souls to influence the politial affairs of Scottish law, and denounce accusations of his warlock behavior.



Sir Widsip Osbearn - Widsip was a time traveling knight in the service of the Universal Time Office, a department of the Heavenly Plane, dispatched from Heaven. His charter was to affect the events of history before they had a chance to set. The problem being that the universe was launched with flaws of history possible. Once in motion, these items needed to be set right by these knights in a most careful manner by adjusting events of history. Widsip was dispatched into Middle England in the mid 1560s to make sure that England had a successor that maintained the realm, since Elizabeth the First was without child and rapidly passing child bearing age. France and Spain sat poised to take over the throne. The Time Office historians felt Mary Queen of Scots was the best bet and sent Widsip to aid her in any manner that would ensure proper history was established, since she had just returned to Scotland and was only 19 years old. She could easily produce an heir, and in fact, she was more aligned with the royal family's heirs than Elizabeth, if fine points could be made.

Widsip's entourage consisted of his trusted steed Lord Byron and this staff of loyal follows that maintained his household and assisted in special tasks to support his mission. All the necessary items to ensure his success of a modern nature, would have to be manufactured with in the local environment save a few items that would have to be returned to the Universal Time Office like the Holy Grail. This item was used to lure a greedy soul into doing Widsip's bidding. In fact, it destroyed the man's character completely.

Widsip started out his mission being all serious and his personality was of a dark and stormy nature, but the closeness he felt with his staff began to change and soften the tough and dangerous, no nonsense knight that would not hesitate to use a crossbow to make a point to complete his mission. The serious task ahead was every being challenged by the bungling bureaucracy of the Time Office to get entry and exit points accurate. Widsip's mission was nearly extinguished on the first day by landing him in the middle of the Shank Forest without the proper equipment to survive such a place. By good fortune, one Gareth Goldstein was passing through add saved the story.


Archbishop Phillips - The bishop was from York. He thought of himself as more important than he should have. His life long ambition was to locate the Holy Grail, which he was convinced was on English soil, tucked away by unscrupulous Knights Templars. His greed and desire soon turned him into a monster that no one dared cross. His ambition carried him through the story as he is fooled by Widsip and then finds another way to intercept the work of our time traveling knight. He takes on a boy to help him locate the chamber in which the object of the bishop's desires lay - deep inside Chapel Grey. The bishop must keep secret his knowledge of three keys that open the sanctuary where the cup might be found. Unfortunately, for the young boy Oliver Tombs, this could be the keys that lock him away. Trust is best keep by those that have been silenced. The bishops actions build on one another like an out of control drey on a steep slope carrying too heavy a load.


Gareth Goldstein - Gareth was a merchant and a swindler but had character and became deeply devoted to Widsip, whom he rescued in the Shank Forest and gave him his name. Gareth was in the process of changing his own name to avoid creditors when he came across this man in the forest apparently suffering from amnesia. Gareth changed his name to Barry Grant and he gave this confused man found in the woods the name Widsip Osbearn, named after a man from his past that was dead, so couldn't really raise a complaint. Barry had no idea the magical powers this stranger was about to unleash. He was in wonder of how this stranger could so easily gain wealth, establish an estate, and meddle in the affairs of the State. But, the excitement to join this dark organization was too much to resist. Barry became Widsip's right hand man.


Leofwen Ashton - Better known as Weny, a house maid, but with a heart of gold that eventually convinced Widsip to drop his dark and stormy manner and realize his career as a knight for the Time Office was lacking. She had the feminine power to persuade. She also had a secret. A casual affair resulted in creating a beautiful little girl named Shyla, a Celtic name that means strength in faith - she would need it. Weny's struggle to contain Widsip entwined her with the task of the men around her. She had to stand tough when the events of the day turned sour. She is strong and has a unshakable will.


Oliver Tombs - Widsip's protégée, found on the road to Helmsley after a dangerous night under Chapel Grey. He later becomes the focus of many escapades with Widsip. Widsip and Oliver soon discover they have a common enemy in the evil Archbishop Phillips. Oliver was the next to last target on the bishop's list. Widsip would be the last. Oliver followed the ways of the knights of the Universal Time Office and wanted become a knight of the universe. He joins Widsip on the back stage tour of the Time Office and gets an eye full. The challenges of being responsible for how history plays out and adjusting same to match the master plan, is not for the faint of heart.

Oliver becomes an initial part of historical adjustment that can be felt today. He seeks revenge, but learns from a wise priest that it is better to let God get even with those that are evil instead of throwing one's self on the fire.

Oliver becomes the new great hope for the Time Office to do Widsip proud. He also finds a family he so desperately wanted, coming from the life of an orphan shackled to the Church.