"The Music Spells Murder."

Benny Hager



Las Vegas is a place many stories begin and this is no exception. The main character is called back to New York, where a lot of the story takes place, but then fate takes us to Paris where the story ends. Not a bad place to end up.


One Benny Hager, a saxophonist, get accused of a couple of murders that take place in Las Vegas. The reader knows he didn't do it, but all the evidence point right to Benny. On top of this, his father dies and Benny goes to New York to settle his affairs.



Benny Hager - struggles to make ends meet, struggles with trying to understand why his father is so astranged, and finds himself in Las Vegas as a working musician. His agent, Joey Blitzer, is working to get Benny better paying work so his 15% cut will get bigger. Then a scheme to make millions turns Benny's life into a living hell as the Vinzetti brothers decide to get rich.

A bungled heist leaves Benny holding the bag. Everyone wants a piece of him. It's hard to find a honest man amoung thieves. Benny is on the run. The cops want him for a double murder, his agent wants him for another reason, his friend's daughter wants him for revenge or to make love to him. Thugs of various types would like to lay a hand on Benny. Benny plays the blues because he feels the pain, the anguish, and the passion.


Brenda Vise - One smart cookie. Brenda knows much more than you might think at first. She knows enough to punch through the schemes, knows a good thing when she sees it in Benny, and hurdles over obsticles while Benny is out playing gigs.

Who she knows is more important for the survival of her and Benny than what she knows, and she knows what makes them tick.


Inspector Bricker - here's a veteran cop that's not use to letting a case get the better of him. This case has more holes in it than a drug dealer in a bust that's gone bad. All the pieces are there, but they don't connect. He has a noose around Benny's neck, but just can't pull it tight. He and his partner, James Frances, gather the facts and bring the reader along for an interesting ride.


Joey Blitzer- an agent with a lot at stake. Joey looks after Benny like he is his long lost son. The question is why? Joey makes a lot of moves that go under the radar but are no less important than any other military operation. He works his covert magic carefully.


Deacon Red - represents the ears. He is the representation for jazz listeners, because he writes for all the newspapers and magazines about who's who in jazz. When he meets Benny and hears his tunes, his ears perk up. There is more to the sound than just music. There's a hot story there too.


Reuben Thompson - is as sweet as a grandmother and as evil as a snake. He has a passion for valuable things. His approach to life is take what you want and buy off any objections. It's worked in the past, why isn't it working now?