John D. Wolf

Author of Fantastic Tales

Book Reviews

Orphan Records

5-stars  Superb!!!, Reviewed by: Rodger P. Curnow, April 21, 2006 (Berkeley, California United States)
"A great read with many intriguing turns. One can only clamor for more from Mr. Wolf!"

A Dark and Stormy Knight

stars  Imagination At Its Best, Reviewed by: Linda Meckler February 16, 2007)
"Riveting story of the time when Kings and Queens were all powerful. Romantic, mysterious, suspenseful, and powerful. John has a wonderful story telling technique. I felt I was right there with him. This is a must read book!"


5-stars  An Entertaining Read, June 18, 2007 By Pauline Hager (La Jolla, CA United States)
"If you enjoyed reading John Wolf's first two novels, Orphan Records and A Dark and Stormy Knight, you'll love Harmonics. Although science fiction is not my preferred literary genre, I must admit I'm captivated with his stories. All three books are totally unrelated to each other. Mr. Wolf cleverly crafts a tale of mystery and intrigue, employing a space cruise ship and a cast of shady characters, including mutants, clones and humans to complement their dastardly deeds, as they cruise to the Red Planet Mars and back. A rock band's "harmonics" disrupts their plot. Once again, as an inveterate storyteller, John Wolf entertains us with his vivid imagination and dark, witty humor."

Of Beryl & Alabaster

5-stars  Plot twists aplenty!, Reviewed by Shirley Parker, September 12, 2009 (Simi Valley, CA United States)
"Mostly what I can say is --- Wow! What a story! There are more twists and turns in this plot than a cobra, most of them just as deadly. If you didn't know the Silk Road was still viable in this century, you will after you read this tale. Of Beryl and Alabaster provides a wealth of information about India, enough for two books. A person can read the novel fast to find out rightaway what happens next, or slow down a bit to savor the flavor. It works either way. Great storytelling! "

Benny Plays the Blues

5-stars  Great Read, Reviewed by: James Beck, January 29, 2010 (Escondido, CA United States)
"This is a great read which would be of particular interest to musicians and the general public at large. The plot is a mixture of a son who doesn't appreciate his musically talented dad until late in life, mixed with a touch of the unlawful and the requisit police detective, culminating in a very satisfactory and unusual ending. The beat is fast to moderate, meaning it is hard to put down on the night stand at night to finally go to sleep.

I have also read the other four excellent novels written by Mr. Wolf. Being a voracious reader of all genres, I can only say that this book along with the other four books of Mr. Wolf, should be in the top 20 for reads."